4 Things To Expect as An ABAT

You’ve put in the time, you’ve passed the test, now you are certified as an Applied Behavior Analysis Technician (ABAT). The big question… What comes next?

What Does it Mean to Be Certified as an ABAT?

Becoming certified as an ABAT allows the person who passed
the ABAT exam, to work in an entry-level capacity as a
Behavior Technician. This allows them to work with a multitude of
people who are neurodiverse.

People who work in health care generally do so because they want to have a “meaningful” job. They want to be of service to their community, and to make the lives of the people they work with better. When you work with people who are neurodiverse, fulfillment is an aspect of the job that is literally built into it. You’re going to forge relationships, take part in achievements, and in real time see human growth before your very eyes.
In most jobs that people do there is an expectation of what each day is going to be like. As an ABAT that expectation is there but, as you work with various clients, you will see that each day is filled with moments to celebrate that are big and small. Maybe you’re working on tying shoes and your client eventually does it independently. Or, perhaps you’re working on greetings and your client says “Hi” to somebody without needing a prompt to do so. It’s these moments that are always there, always possible, that underscore just one of the things an ABAT can expect to experience.
Like any job, there is a fluidity in the work that you do. There are going to be moments when you have a rhythm with your clients and the sessions flow. Conversely, there are going to be moments where, through no fault of your own, the session becomes a little more challenging. All of this is normal and it’s all part of the ups and downs of being an ABAT. The trick is to understand this fact, accept that there are going to be peaks and valleys, and know that what might seem catastrophically bad one moment could become incredibly great the next.
Jobs in the field of healthcare are considered essential for a reason. There are people out there that need help, assistance, and guidance. Put simply… they need YOU. The need for the skills of an ABAT are in demand, growing, and extremely valued by the people and families that receive them. There’s a tremendous amount of pride to be taken in this fact.

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