4 Reasons To Choose A Career As An Applied Behavior Analysis Technician

Getting certified as an ABAT can be the start of an enriching career working with all different kinds of people.

What is an ABAT?

At its core, an ABAT is an entry level certification. The word ABAT stands for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Technician. People who obtain this certification can work in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. The settings they work in are different and varied. One day you might be working in a home setting, another day you might be in a school, and another day can see you working in a natural setting like the community in a client’s neighborhood.
No matter what path you take after getting your ABAT certification, the experience of getting certified will prepare you for future courses you might embark on for a masters degree, doctorate, or continuing education units.

Many people who enter the fields of education and healthcare are undecided about their career paths. The one thing they do know is that they want to help people and make a difference. With the field of ABA continuing to grow, becoming certified as an ABAT will give you exposure to a myriad of career options. Perhaps the role of an ABAT is your calling? Maybe you’d like to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst? Or, eventually work toward a doctorate? Certification as an ABAT will expose you to all of that.

ABA is a field like no other and as such the experiences and knowledge gained are like no other. Every day, every situation is fluid and ripe with teachable moments. Every client has an individualized program that you will employ along with the rest of the team. While the goal is consistency so that the client can generalize what they are learning across many different environments, everyone’s personal touch (from parents, teachers, ABAT’s, etc.) also comes through as well. It is this consistent mix of environments that makes becoming an ABAT so rewarding.
The desire to help people often conflicts with the desire to want to do everything. People often find themselves wanting to work in multiple fields and their ultimate career choice can be overwhelming. Choosing the path of an ABAT will allow you to focus your career goals, while allowing you to wear many hats in the process. When you eventually settle on the career path you will pursue, ABAT certification will have provided you the necessary exposure through clients, coursework, and professional colleagues to make an informed decision.

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