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The Behavior University is the most comprehensive platform online for new and ongoing education in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism. The programs are designed for an organization to manage the training process for organizations from beginning to end.

With our focus on certification for Applied Behavior Analysis Technicians (ABAT), The Behavior University seeks to bridge the gap between coursework and practical experience. With an emphasis on evidence based practices, The Behavior University fosters a dynamic environment of life-long learning, continuing education, and engagement as we prepare our students to deal with the social-emotional challenges their clients face.

Autism & Core ABA Principles

Legal, Ethical, and Professional Considerations


Skill Acquisition Programming

Behavior Reduction Interventions

Data Collection and Analysis

40 hour Behavior Technician Training

This course is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the ABAT certification. Trainees will watch videos, complete activities and checklists, and pass quizzes for 14 modules. At the end of the course, trainees must take and pass two practice tests before receiving a certificate of completion for the course.

Behavior Technician Preparation

The course will provide users with study resources and materials as well as practice test to prepare for the ABAT Exam.

8 Hour Supervision Course

This course will provide learners with 8 hours of coursework on supervision in the field of behavior analysis. This will meet the requirement for 8-hours of coursework on supervision for the QASPS certification.

180 Hour QASP Course

This course will provide users with modules covering the content area required to meet coursework requirements for the QASPS exam.

Continuing Education

This feature will allow users to track and obtain behavior analytic continuing education units to maintain and renew certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ABAT is a behavior technician certification with the QABA Credentialing Board. The ABAT stands for Applied Behavior Analysis Technician. The ABAT is the first certification on the path towards starting a career in ABA.

A behavior technician works with clients in clinical and natural settings. The ABAT implements ABA programs that have been designed by a behavior analyst. The program's goals vary depending on a client's age. Younger clients might work on color identification and food programs. Older clients might work on hygiene, social skill development, and organizational skills.

This course is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the ABAT certification. Trainees will watch videos, complete activities and checklists, and pass quizzes for 14 modules. At the end of the course, trainees must take and pass two practice tests before receiving a certificate of completion for the course.

Getting certified as an ABAT will help accelerate your career in the field of ABA with a nationally accredited certification. The career opportunities for certified behavior technicians can be with ABA companies, in the school classroom, and in group homes with adults. This path can progress forward an assistant/bachelor’s level certification known as QASP-S (Qualified Autism Services Practitioner - Supervisor), Behavior Analyst (Qualified Behavior Analyst), all the way to becoming a PhD.

This is a choice every individual needs to make based on their career goals, time, and financial situation. Becoming an Applied Behavior Analysis Technician IS a great way to learn about the field of ABA and become more well rounded in working with people who are neuro-diverse.

Individuals that become Applied Behavior Analysis Technicians obtain knowledge about ABA and the different degrees of autism. An ABAT will work with clients to gain new skills that are outlined by their supervisor in the client’s treatment plan.

Candidates to become an ABAT must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or an equivalent. For a complete list of requirements please visit:

The ABAT certification course includes 40 hours of approved assessment based ABA coursework (including 3 hours in Ethics and 5 hours in Autism Core Knowledge). Those who do the course will need to secure an appropriate supervisor to complete their 15 hours of fieldwork. They can do this before or after completing the training and taking the exam. Training must be developed or delivered by a master’s level licensed professional within the scope of ABA and autism.

This is a self-paced course that can be completed within 40 hours. Participants in The Behavior University typically complete the training and pass the exam within 30 days.

The cost of the ABAT certification is $125, which does not include the cost of the retake fee should you fail the exam. If you live in a country that qualifies for the developing world pricing be sure to ask. For more information, visit here:

With decades of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, the people who will be in charge of your certification possess rich and diverse clinical experience in the home, school setting, and the community. The Behavior University follows strict competency and supervisorial standards and we impart such ethics into the Applied Behavior Analysis Technicians we train.

What our Trainees Say

After taking the practice tests, I felt that I knew exactly what subjects I needed to focus on for my independent studying. Going into the test, I felt confident that I had been quizzed on or exposed to all areas necessary to pass. When it came time for the test, I felt very prepared and passed.
My experience with the pilot course was insightful and useful. I was able to continue my training at my own pace and was provided great details and information from the learning modules. The course was very useful and helpful for my success on the ABAT exam. Highly recommended!
I enjoyed the TBU Modules! They each contained an excel checklist that helped me organize the information and reach out to my trainer for feedback and support on some of the trickier concepts. TBU and the whole training process set me up for success on the ABAT exam!
My experience with The Behavior University was great! The course was easy to navigate and full of valuable information. The videos, checklists, and activities in the modules were a great resource when I was studying for my ABAT exam. I love that they were available 24/7, so I could go back and refresh on a subject at any time.
The training for the ABAT certification is perfectly tailored so that as long as you complete all modules, worksheets, and checklists, you’ll be supplied with all you need for the test. Focusing on the practice tests and examples are what really helped me pass the exam!

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